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We're a Family-oriented company

Grandinetti’s has grown over the years, but we are still very much a small family-oriented business. We purchase both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Grandinetti’s works very hard to buy locally, and pay our employees great wages. We also support our local organizations with many charitable contributions.

Our History

Setting the Standard since 2009

Grandinetti’s Metal recycling was started in 2009 by Phillip Grandinetti. Initially, it was a one-man operation with Phil hauling scrap and contacting potential customers. Through his hustle and diligence, Phil was eventually able to purchase the site of his first scrap yard right outside Mt. Pleasant, Iowa in the summer of 2011. After making improvements to the property, including the installation of a certified scale, he opened the yard on May 17, 2013. Our first customers were Harold and Deb Sammons.

By December 2013, business had grown substantially and Willy Grandinetti quit working at Case and joined his brother at the scrap yard. Since that time, there have been many improvements to the yard as well as the addition of other locations. We use only up-to-date equipment to insure quick and efficient service.

Now, Grandinetti’s has three additional yards that give us coverage over most of the eastern half of the state of Iowa, Northern Missouri, and some of Western Illinois. We strive very hard to keep our yards clean and in good condition for all of our customers. Grandinetti’s offers services such as Roll off Tub services for both commercial and small accounts. We will also pickup all types of heavy equipment within a 200-mile radius of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.

We work hard for the environment, too

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